Also today: Archbishop Arthur Roche on priests and sin

Small groups this afternoon. These are the English speakers. Yes, that’s Exposition while he’s speaking about priests confessing to priests. Good.

I had quite the conversation with his Excellency some ten years ago when he helped to lead a pilgrimage to Lourdes where I was a “permanent chaplain”. We agreed after some argumentation that the only way to renew the priesthood and therefore parishes was to get priests to go to regular confession.

I knew his talk would be fantastic when he started by saying that he’s been a priest for 43 years and a sinner for much longer than that.

He said forgiveness of sin is the raison d’être of Jesus coming into the world but we wrongly treat sin as unimportant. To counter this he told stories.

He spoke of a young man going through the holy door during the year of mercy, you know, all non-chalantly, then breaking into tears realizing what God has done for him.

Miserando atque eligendo… We need to be protagonists in mercy, begining with ourselves.

Really an excellent talk. I think some of these talks will be published in the future.

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One response to “Also today: Archbishop Arthur Roche on priests and sin

  1. elizdelphi

    I really loved the doors of mercy. Both the churches of my parish had a door of mercy. Easiest plenary indulgence ever, I tried to make sure to go through those particular doors every day, for the souls in purgatory. Maybe you can ask them to bring back the mercy doors. I spend enough time every day in adoration to get a plenary indulgence that way but I never think of it, or feel attentive enough to really get the indulgence (whereas I am sure of my ability to pass through a doorway). Meanwhile souls are suffering in purgatory. To be honest with you I was slightly unimpressed with how my diocese/parish did the Year of Mercy… they did what they were supposed to do, but in many ways it seemed like a bit of a missed opportunity. But the souls in purgatory I think got quite a bit of benefit out of it.
    I think it is fantastic that you all are hearing such great and inspiring talks!!!!!!!!

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