Update: For Fr Gordon MacRae et al

I made a pilgrimage to the Mamertine Prison where both Sts Peter and Paul were imprisoned. I felt compelled to pray for Fr Gordon MacRae and Pornchai here. Will you join me?

Angel of God…

Hail Mary…

Saint Michael the Archangel…

Update: just got this email:

“Dear Father George, this news was just read to me via telephone by Charlene Duline and I am more grateful than you could know for this remembrance. And it came on the day after my birthday. I turned 65 yesterday. I wonder if they let prisoners retire!! With fraternal blessings,
Father G.


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12 responses to “Update: For Fr Gordon MacRae et al

  1. James Anderson

    Prayed for them.

  2. greggtheobscure

    glad to pray for them

  3. Charlene

    Thank you, Father George.

  4. Aussie Mum

    Prayers for Fr MacRae and Pornchai.

  5. Cathe D.

    I knew you would remember Father G and Pornchai. Thank you Father George. You have my prayers.

  6. God bless you, Fr. Gordon MacRae and Pornchai.
    Sending prayers from my heart.

  7. pelerin

    Prayers as usual for Fr Gordon and Pornchai.

  8. Gina Nakagawa

    As I prayed, I began to choke up. This is a terrible miscarriage of justice, but Father McRae is a white martyr suffering for the sins of many who have committed sacrilege against Our Dear Lord.

  9. sanfelipe007

    Prayers, and more prayers!

  10. joisygoil

    Prayed with you for Fr Gordon and Pornchai.

  11. AMEN….with retirement prayer for Father Gordon

  12. Praying unceasingly for Fr. and Max!!! Heb 13:3

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