How to be a Confessor for Confessors who hear confessions of Confessors

In other words, how does a Missionary of Mercy go about hearing the confessions of fellow Missionaries of Mercy who hear confessions of fellow priests back home, who hear the confessions of the faithful?

There were 12 of us hearing confessions yesterday. I happened not to get a confessional but was up on one side of the sanctuary with another priest on the other side with the Most Blessed Sacrament in the middle of us.

As confessions started… Well… They didn’t. It was a bit awkward. So, the way to get things moving is for us two up in the sanctuary to go to Confession to each other. And that opened the flood gates of mercy for all.

Our Lord Jesus takes care of His priests if they want His mercy. It’s all about Jesus.


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4 responses to “How to be a Confessor for Confessors who hear confessions of Confessors

  1. James Anderson

    It seems strange that Missionaries of Mercy were hesitant to go to confession. Maybe it sheds a light on why there are no longer long lines at confession on Saturday. But I am not sure what the light is showing.

    • Father George David Byers

      The hesitation was like five seconds, until we went, then another five seconds for them to start. Missionaries of Mercy are quick students.

  2. joisygoil

    On Sunday Holy Rosary church in Baltimore was celebrating Mercy Sunday. There were three long lines of peole making confession. LOOOONG Lines. I thought of you, Father George, and how pleased you would be at all the activity. This was from noon until almost up to the consecration after the mass began at 1:30.

  3. Eileen

    The hesitation of the Missionaries of Mercy was all of 10 seconds. The lack of long lines for confession on Saturday is not due to hesitation. They would have to be there to hesitate. They are not there, and haven’t been for a very long time. Part of the problem is that confession is not a big priority, with most parishes allowing 45 minutes twice a week for thousands of parishioners. Then the other problem is that those thousand parishioners don’t want to confess anything, or don’t think they have to. So they all go up to communion on Sunday.. What is the statistical possibility that they are all in the state of grace and not committing a sacrilege? Slim, to none.
    The lack of emphasis and teaching on the Sacrament of Penance for the last 40 years. I believe, has brought us to where we are.
    Thank God that these Missionaries of Mercy have been organized to help correct the situation. It’s a great start. Let us pray for each and everyone of them!

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