Nota bene: Sala Regia

Two years ago Pope Francis addressed the Missionaries of Mercy in the Sala Regia. The ultra-Tradition-al-ism-ists condemned him, me, everyone else there, and then said that the Sala Regia is not the Sala Regia but some other place.

Here we are again, in the same place. They’ve had two years to do research. Will they entrench, apologize, just not talk about it anymore?

If anyone was willing to listen, would they hear what was said this time about mercy being founded on justice? about Confessors going to Confession themselves? about those who are bitter going to Confession? about joy in seeing our wounded but risen Saviour, our God, before us? about priests being a good example of repentance and joy?

byers dance paul vi audience hall

Can’t we just help each other to get to know Jesus? Didn’t King David dance?

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