This is a “lame” begger in front of the Holy Office next to St Peter’s. Maybe he is. He approached me asking for money. Pretty much 100% of beggers in Italy are harmless. Then he said “Simony!” really loud.

Perhaps I’m underestimating street beggers but this struck me as being mighty theological if this was an accusation. If so I wish he would have expounded so I could go to Confession.

Or maybe he was repeating an accusation from a priest about himself. In that case he would be baiting people to purchase an indulgenced occasion of almsgiving from him.

Or maybe this is echolalia and I’m way overthinking it. Good to think the best, right. Nothing is as it seems. Maybe this is another St. Joseph Benedict Labre. He looks exactly like him. Hmmm….

So, now I call him Simon and we are friends.

…. Make that Jacky. Good to know someone named after donkey-kind.

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