Missionaries of Mercy – Future

Umbrellas were useless as we Missionaries of Mercy walked a good kilometer in bucketing rain to a parochial school chapel to hear each others’ confessions. We passed by a most famous mosaic-icon street shrine. Look up “divino amore”:

“Oh Virgin Immaculate Mary, Mother of Divine Love, make us saints!

I am reminded of the exclamation of the Pontifical North American College: “Monstra te esse Matrem!

If we Missionaries of Mercy cry out for our Lady’s maternal love, that is, to make us saints, surely something good for the Church will take place, like us continuing to go to Confession.

If we do that, some other good things in the future might come about. Of course, we remember the admonition about making plans for the future so as to make God laugh.

We’re supposed to return in two year’s time. Meanwhile, we’re supposed to have regional or national gatherings amongst ourselves, and also promote the Sacrament as best we can in whatever ways including occasions for the Sacrament.

I’m thinking of organising something especially for priests in various regions throughout the United States as represented by the Cathedral of whatever Archdiocese taking in all its suffragen dioceses. Perhaps we could have continuous confessions during adoration. During the week, mind you. All priests especially of that region invited. All priests released from other duties during that time. And encouraged to come. I’ve spoken with a couple of other Missionaries of Mercy about it and they like it a lot. So we’ll see.


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7 responses to “Missionaries of Mercy – Future

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    Superlative, Father. Your success will be in my prayers, not only for you, but for the recognition of God’s glory and the salvation of us wayward sheep.

  2. greggtheobscure

    I’d be glad to send you contact info for the rector of the archdiocesan Cathedral here. I bet he’d welcome such an initiative – to the extent of his authority of course. .

    • Father George David Byers

      We’ll see how it goes. Lots of things to iron out. It’ll take months. But I did speak with one one who was interested in your area.

  3. elizdelphi

    Come to my diocese! It’s not an archdiocese, and we have no Missionaries of Mercy here, but maybe it’s because we have no Missionaries of Mercy that one or more of them should come here. Actually, I think I would want to suggest to the Missionaries of Mercy to find a way to get invited to do mercy events for priests (and laity?) in areas that lack a Missionary of Mercy. I don’t think the geographic coverage is particularly even. I know there was one or more Missionary of Mercy in the neighboring Milwaukee Archdiocese.
    I like that the Missionaries of Mercy have new orders of taking action, collaborating and engaging priests, emphasizing the Missionaries of Mercy being missionaries to priests first of all. I am personally certain that the priests I confess to go to confession themselves regularly.
    I did not know when the Missionaries of Mercy idea was first announced what it was going to be exactly and whether there might be something suspect about it, or that would be uncomfortable to some faithful priests, but the nature of it as above all an outreach to priests makes it totally necessary for the Missionaries of Mercy to appear trustworthy in their orthodoxy and uprightness and ecclesial-ness (as well as their mercifulness) to fellow priests. If it looks “weird” to priests they might hesitate to approach a Missionary of Mercy. But everything about it seems like priests would tend to have confidence in the ministry of Missionaries of Mercy.

    • Father George David Byers

      The priests to priests part is my idea except that the special faculties are mostly for priests.

  4. Aussie Mum

    Father, did you run into any Missionaries of Mercy from Australia? I read that we only had two but am hoping there are more. One was said to be a Jesuit from Maitland-Newcastle and the other a Ukrainian Catholic priest from Sydney.

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