Relative perspectives…

This is at Saint Paul’s Outside the walls.

This angel above looks terribly snarky, with enthusiasm, in all good will wanting to smack you down, you know, in friendship.

Now, this other angel below looks terribly aghast, downright miserable, the moment he’s been terribly disillusioned by his protectee, like a whole human life span of time in guardian angelship just thrown away without remorse.

This is the same angel, but from an angle just two inches lower.

Honestly I think my guardian angel has pretty much both expressions going on all the time.


Filed under Missionaries of Mercy

3 responses to “Relative perspectives…

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    If this poor angel is a guardian angel, we owe him a loving scrub to help him get rid of all the soot and other dirt that the world has thrown at him. Unlike us human beings, he does not deserve this!

  2. Cathe D.

    I love your commentaries and imagination. I see there are a lot of angel statues there. I often wonder why North America has so few which is such a loss for us. Thankyou Father George for your pictures and writings.

  3. elizdelphi

    Maybe you should just stay in Rome a lot longer, you are really on a roll with awesome blogging. More people should read this blog.

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