Saint Paul’s chains and my good friend Fr Gordon MacRae

I made a pilgrimage to the Major Papal Basilica of Saint Paul’s Outside the Walls. What you see above is the baldacchinoed central altar with the apse in the background with its mosaic of Jesus and Paul. Far below the altar, down in the “confession” a bit of archeological digging was done recently. Saint Paul’s sarcophagus was found with all manner of indication that this is him. You can see one side of this in the back of the excavation. Between this and the altar you can see the chains which he wore and which he mentioned in his letters. On the top of that box you see three figures, Saint Paul in the middle and his two companion jailors to either side.

I felt compelled to pray for Fr Gordon MacRae and Pornchai here. Will you join me?

Angel of God…

Hail Mary…

Saint Michael the Archangel…


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12 responses to “Saint Paul’s chains and my good friend Fr Gordon MacRae

  1. Michael Brandon

    Amen, and Amen.

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    So appropriate. Thank you, Father.

  3. Aussie Mum


  4. James Anderson


  5. This reminds of a strange occurrence that happened when I stayed in the sleepy Italian town of Ravello last year.
    When visiting the Cathedral in Amalfi my camera started to malfunction. I thought I had pressed a button, but no it wasn’t that and by the time I had left the Cathedral my camera had taken it’s last photo. I took a few more photos in the Cathedral with my iPhone.
    Without going into too much detail, this led us (me and my husband) to take an unexpected journey to Salerno with regards to my camera problem. The camera problem was fixed in moments. I think I was being led to the Duomo di Salerno, where I encountered the crypt of St. Matthew . A peaceful and holy place.
    In visiting Ravello, Amalfi and Salerno I found that I had gone on an unexpected pilgrimage.
    I join you in prayer.

  6. Jim Preisendorfer

    Always praying for my good friends Fr. Gordon and Max!

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