St Lawrence’s prison: praying for Fr Gordon MacRae & Pornchai

During my last hours in Rome I made a pilgrimage to Saint Lawrence’s prison. It’s terribly, terribly tiny, and often has about an extra 18 inches of water on the floor when it rains. This

Here’s the high altar:

Some historical notes. I’m sure some of you can translate these:

And here’s the entrance to the prison. The steps down are very steep.

I felt compelled to pray for Fr Gordon MacRae and Pornchai here. Saint Lawrence was imprisoned with a non-Christian who was blind, but who miraculously received his sight at the intercession of Saint Lawrence and who then requested to be baptised there in prison. I’m sure you can draw an analogy. Will you join me with some prayers?

Angel of God…

Hail Mary…

Saint Michael the Archangel…


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9 responses to “St Lawrence’s prison: praying for Fr Gordon MacRae & Pornchai

  1. Prayed with you for Fr. G & Max! Thank you for sharing these moving photos with us, Father.

  2. Aussie Mum

    Prayers said.

  3. Cathe D.

    I have again united my prayers with you and since it is still the third hour, I offered another Chaplet of Divine Mercy for Father MacRae, Pornchai, and yourself. My time clock doesn’t seem to jive with yours but no matter, the intentions are there. God bless.

  4. Claire Dion

    I have prayed with you for Fr. Gordon and Pornchai.

  5. Done…Thank you Fr. for the Post & Pics…& the chance to share our prayers…
    Pax Christi-

  6. Bernadette Lothian

    I joined my prayers with yours.

  7. sanfelipe007

    Same here!

  8. Done! Thank you Fr. for the opportunity to add our prayers…

  9. elizdelphi

    I prayed as well. Thanks for taking us with you to this holy prison.

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