Starting underground, ending up in the peripheries

So, the Missionaries of Mercy sojourn in Rome is at an end. Re-commencement for the next two years has begun.

Above is Metro Roma Linea A in the early morning.

Checking in online (on the phone) for the return Delta flight to Atlanta, I find that, as usual, my seat has been changed by some 20 rows, but, of course, never next to a “bad seat.” We’ll see.

Anyway, emerging from the depths onto Piazza Cinquecento, Stazione Termini, one sees Jesus, the Sacred Heart, surveilling the City from the pinnacle of a church.

If there was a place to sit for a coffee, this would be a great people watching place. Everyone’s from everywhere.

If I put up such pictures leaving Rome, I guess it must mean that I’m nostalgic. That’s not a bad thing, is it? Waiting…

On the move into the peripheries…

Not the peripheries are always all around us…

Sometimes you can even look inside yourself. But Jesus visits the peripheries.

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One response to “Starting underground, ending up in the peripheries

  1. Cathe D.

    Praying for a safe journey Father. Chaplet of Divine Mercy has never failed yet. God bless you!

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