The tip of the spear, best with bacon


A most wonderful daily treat as these spears jump up from the ground each day, eager to be ever so slightly browned in bacon grease saved from past extravaganzas. A slight sprinkling of salt is savory. Just ever so slight.

I heartily thank my parishioners who dug the bed and and planted 2-year-old roots one year ago. I ignored those entirely for the year, letting them forest out to get a good hold. But now’s the time to start enjoying them. The same parishioners weeded everything some weeks ago. I’ll have to follow up on their great work and get out there myself.

While I was gone to Rome, my neighbor who was feeding Shadow-dog and Laudie-dog was able to enjoy the spears. He himself was the tip of the spear, as it is said, having been 82nd Airborne. Now he’s out in his yard digging a patch up to plant asparagus roots.

I was taught to cut them about 3/4″ below the ground, careful not to injure other spears working their way up. You can’t let them grow too tall as they get too woody.

Do you have an asparagus patch? How do you prepare them?


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3 responses to “The tip of the spear, best with bacon

  1. Nan

    I buy them at ALDI, super skinny ones. I sometimes pop them in the oven with bacon, to be served as part of a recipe from Half Baked Harvest, other times pan in stovetop, sautee and serve cold with a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette.

  2. There is a new cream cheese called arla that comes in flavors and is very light and creamy. There is an herbed one and I mix it with the asparagus (cut in bite size pieces) after baking it. Yummy!

  3. I wish I had an asparagus patch,’cause I love them.
    I steam mine and then drown them in butter. If there are any leftover (that doesn’t happen too often ’cause the whole family loves ’em) I use them in an omelet.

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