Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (We can make an idol of truth edition)


We have our faces in the beauty of the truth all day every day, but often don’t see it, ignore it, busy on purpose with many other things, but we congratulate ourselves because, hey!, we know the truth! And with that we can smash others down that we think don’t know the truth as well as we do! Yay! We’re great! That’s all idol worship of oneself at the price of truth which we use for that end. Mary saw all this when she saw her Divine Son tortured to death by our obtuseness, even with so many of the greatest religious leaders of the day standing about the cross, they who were the guardians of the truth, so as to mock the Living Truth. And the Immaculate Conception interceded for us all. Thanks Mary. Thank you, Jesus, for putting up with our darkness. We are blind. Please, bring us into the light.

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