Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (adverse conditions edition: very cool)


“Eaten by the dog”, specifically Shadow-dog, and then roughly transplanted, and then ignored, the Guadalupe “superabundant” rose bush is doing surprisingly well, as well as the other rose hidden under the eaves on the North side of the rectory. I suspect that there will be some roses even this year. Very cool, that.


Then, a bit closer to the statue are the above flowers, which appear to have had some sort of acid wash thrown over them. They haven’t given up, but are trying with all their might to do their best. Very cool, that.


And then, amazingly, there’s these guys, all turned toward Mary, fresh and bright, but facing certain death perhaps even this very day. A wonderful parishioner is back from wintering in Florida, and explains to me that these particular flowers are only for the Winter. Summer is altogether different. They look to be trying to prove just how well they are doing in honor of Mary. But the angels know the time when our souls are ready to go before the Lord as well. Very cool, that.


Ultra super detailed, these “flowers,” as it were, so to speak, are perfectly fine, except they know that they are at the mercy of an inept weedeater priest who might strip all the bark of the little trunk holding them up from the ground. Ignoring anxiety, they remain steadfast. Very cool, that.

Do you have flowers for the Immaculate Conception, even in this world? By the way, the Rosary is called the Rose-ary, I imagine, for a reason. Very cool, that.

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  1. Violets and dandelions are sprinkled over the lawn. The yellow dandelions are bright, bold and show off their beauty with their impossible to ignore presence as if shouting, ‘look at me!’. The violets are bright purple, tiny and shy. You have to walk around and look for them as they whisper, ‘here I am.’

    Both are considered nuisance weeds, but I love them.
    They are beautiful. God does such nice work!

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