Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (making me laugh out loud edition)


Here’s how I look at it: Jesus created flowers for the Immaculate Conception, His good mom. Flowers then, are an expression of the imagination of God in all love, coming up with something that will please His good mom. Firstly you see a cross, with the four petals. Then a symbol of the Most Holy Trinity, with three other petals. Oh, and then there are two more petals out back for the two natures of Jesus, a divine nature and a human nature making up the Divine Person of Jesus, making His mom the Mother of God. God: an artist with His palette of color. All about love. All about truth.

I don’t know. It’s all so good, so different from the dark ways of the world that it makes me laugh, out loud, in joy. Laughter because I know in myself the darkness that there can be, well, I’m just barely unafraid enough to know a bit of what could be without the redemption and salvation of Jesus. I could know more of that which I and the rest of humanity is capable of doing, coming to know then all the better the wounds of Jesus. But, I admit, I’m a coward when it comes to truth that hits home hard, slamming into my chest, my heart, though hardly as violently (coward that I am) as the spear of the Roman Soldier on Calvary slamming into the side, the heart of Jesus, Mary’s Divine Son. But Mary, with her fearless pure heart and fearless agile soul saw all the darkness that tortured her Son to death, our sin. But then, Jesus, giving this flower to her. Hah. That’s just so cool. I love it. He’s so enthusiastic to snatch us out of the clutches of Satan. So, joyful. This is so utterly different from the ways of the world. The contrast is stunning. It makes me laugh out loud. It’s so good. I totally love it.

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