Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Cute bullet holes? edition)


Top-middle of the lower-left leaf. No. Not a bullet wound.


No. Those are not bullet wounds above either. I mean, how could you think such a thing?! Nor is that a bullet wound below. Sorry for the foreground blur.


To me, Trilliums always look like they are flying. Anyway, all the Trilliums are being eaten up right along where I do up the FBI and pre-2001 FAM courses. Bugs, not bullets.

Anyway, these flowers are for our Lady, even if they are not haphazard bullet holes, and even if they are bullet holes. Shocking?

Mary’s pretty tough. She doesn’t disagree, for instance, with John the Baptist, who encouraged the military guys to do their duties with integrity and honesty, but to go ahead and do their duties.

By the way and just to say, the Archangel Gabriel of Annunciation fame has a name which basically means “War-hero of God” or “Special Operator of God” or some such. He’s the one, the military guy, the only one most appropriate to announce to Mary that she is the Immaculate Conception and is to be the Virgin Mother of God.

Oh, and by the way and just to say, Mary is singled out as THE WARRIOR in Genesis 3:15. Right? With the Redeemer, her Son, she’s the one.

So if these were bullet holes coming from one of her adopted sons practicing with his Glock 19 Gen 4… No, she would just think that that was, um – how to say it for a mom – she would think that that was… you know… cute. Surely. Moms are outrageously understanding like that.

How is she a warrior. Well, not by mere guns. Something much more violent. By way of taking in all that happened to her Son as He was tortured to death on the cross, and using all that to substantiate what her intercession for us was about as she stood there in solidarity with her Son as He was in solidarity with us, standing in our place, the Innocent for the guilty.

Bullet holes in flowers for her? That’s merely cute compared to the real violence of epic, universal proportions of what God did what He did for us there on Calvary, what Mary did for us by way of intercession in solidarity with her Son.

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