Road danger: hitch-hike car-jacking?

road danger 2018 05 03 R

This guy is literally just a few inches off my back bumper, violently swerving, slamming on his brakes (though I was not going slow by any means) as he had up to that point perhaps been going at triple digits, if a GMC can even do such a thing. But it’s not like I could go anywhere anyway.

This was in front of me fully taking up both lanes, and it’s not as if this house guy was going slow. He was zipping right along:

road danger 2018 05 03 F

Anyway, go back up and look at the top picture. It appears the person in the driver’s seat is smashed back against the head rest, and that someone else has grabbed the steering wheel. Sugar.

After the bridge and right lane construction, the house guy got over into the right lane and shoulder, letting me pass and then I got over to the right and the guy behind me took off like lightning. Sugar. I wasn’t able to get his tag number. The camera’s not good for that for anything more than a few feet.


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3 responses to “Road danger: hitch-hike car-jacking?

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    Praise the Good Lord that you are safe. Tail-gating and other forms of road rage are a on-going pandemic in NC. Opioids have not helped. May your guardian angel be always on the alert for your safety.

  2. litteralis

    Priests, we are told, have two, the first, their birth Guardian Angels, and the second, they receive with Holy Orders. Not sure if exorcists have another or two, but the demons have a particular hatred for them. Ergo, things happen to them, like, say, road rage.

    • Father George David Byers

      2nd angel one Father of the Church said is deputed to bring the Sacrifice on the Altar before the throne of the Most High.

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