Pope Francis out-politics Germans on faith. Why Amoris laetitia is dialogue.

eucharist pope francis

So, most of the German bishops, mere politicians that they are, are pushing for NON-Catholic spouses to receive Holy Communion. Seven German bishops complained about this, asking the Holy See to intervene and, you know, kick those other bishops in the kiester. So, that makes the ol’ Vatican the bad guy bully even while the failed majority of bishops become the heroes of the oppressed Masses up to now not receiving Holy Communion. Meanwhile, priests will be brow-beaten into giving Holy Communion to spouses of Catholics anyway, and everyone is that much closer to total and declared apostasy. The seven bishops in the minority, believers that they are, nevertheless just don’t get the politics. You just can’t out-politic Pope Francis.

In a coup for the faith, Pope Francis had a message delivered by messengers. Hah. And all he said was that the whole conference of bishops was to come up with a unanimous solution, knowing, of course, that the seven bishops aren’t going to budge. So, this was an effective intervention of Pope Francis over against the heretic bishops of the majority done in such a way that they couldn’t at all make themselves heroes with “the people” and moreover would be shown what total idiots they are with the faith, unable to agree among themselves.

Mind you, even if the seven bishops were to cave to the majority, stupidly, it still couldn’t be accepted by the Holy See, by Pope Francis, for the rule of the process is that they are to come up with a solution ” in the spirit of ecclesial communion.” Hah. The only way that comes about is fidelity to Mary’s dearest Son, Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Hah. And even with the entire conference going heretical, they wouldn’t be heroes, for this would look like they were doing this in bad faith, merely for self-congratulation.

In doing this, Pope Francis has actually just insisted against “decentralization”. Are pundits really unable to see this?

The point is that we are not to use the successor of Peter to beat up on others in a first instance, but we are to evangelize ourselves, but always with the idea that the bishop of Rome (who can only be the Successor of Peter for theological neophytes) is the Supreme Pontiff. The seven bishops say that the faith shouldn’t be decided by a national bishops conference. Right. Well… Pope Francis never said that it should, did he? No. He didn’t.

Then, in a huff, all upset, ALL those bishops will complain by saying:

“That’s terrible. Because then we’ll like, you know, have to pray together, and like, pray, and stuff. And use real reason. And pray, and, like, stuff.”

I think I get Pope Francis now.

If he were to make an ex-Cathedra statement about marriage and the family as he said he would during his speech on the 50th anniversary of the Synods of Bishops, this would be nice, but it would stop the sinking in of the conclusion that we have to pray and help each other in the faith. Or am I totally totally wrong?


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6 responses to “Pope Francis out-politics Germans on faith. Why Amoris laetitia is dialogue.

  1. Aussie Mum

    Father, I doubt your thinking and that of Pope Francis is the same but one can hope.

  2. I know of two occasions when several the local priests were crucified. It was when they had the audacity to suggest their parishioners pray more. The hostility that followed was so bad that one woman from a local protestant church said, “you may be Catholic but you sure ain’t Christian the way you treat your priests.” Kind of embarrassing – especially when all Catholics were found guilty by association and that those who supported the priests in question were being threatened too.

    So tell me when did prayer become so unpopular? I still can’t figure it all out.

  3. But if the NON-Catholic spouses really really really want to receive Holy Communion, can’t they study to become Catholic spouses? What is wrong with that solution?

  4. Aussie Mum

    Hi Joisygoil. You ask “when did prayer become so unpopular”. My answer would be “when and wherever people stopped believing in God”. Those who don’t believe in God or don’t want to be with Him in eternity have no interest in praying to him. Even some Catholics don’t believe in God, being Catholic in name only, and yet go to Mass because of family expectations, work in a Catholic institution etc. Some priests and bishops are also faithless but offer the Mass in order to keep or better their positions in the hierarchy. Prayer would seem a waste of time and be unpopular among such Catholics.

  5. joisygoil

    Aussie Mum, thanks for your feedback. I agree. You are totally correct in your assessment. Those things happened about 25 years ago. I was so naive back then. It was a rude awakening for me.

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