F-16 Fighting Falcon over the parish. Thanks to USAF. Note to militias.


You see it immediately, don’t you, above: Look! Up in the sky! What’s out of place? If you draw a line between the two light poles sticking above the tree line, you’ll see it midway between the two. About 5 seconds earlier he was over my parish.

He screamed directly in front of me. But, I didn’t see him. Wasn’t looking for him. I heard him, but only after he had passed by quite a long distance. Then I looked. But he was already almost gone. Let’s zoom in, but, know that had you been the enemy, you would never have seen or heard him. In the mountains here, there is no such thing as situational awareness for this.

Note to the dozens of militias in the area who think they can take on the U.S. Military: are you out of your minds? Are you, like, that ignorant? I’m all pro-second amendment, but, I mean, grow up. And if you say that the U.S. Military can’t be used against the citizenry of these United States, know that you wouldn’t qualify, being that you will have become enemy combatants. /// End of rant.


That, my friends, in the picture above, is an F-16 Fighting Falcon on its 45th year originally produced by General Dynamics, now also by Lockheed Martin and others around the world.

  • Max speed: 1,500 mph
  • Range: 2,622 mi

He’s just barely high enough to hit safely the branches of the trees instead of the tree trunks when topping the highest ridges. My dad used to do this kind of thing with an old fighter attack Corsair, ripping the shingles off our house and the houses of our city back in the early 1960s. I would run outside jumping up and down, running, waving, I see times haven’t changed so much at all.

Am I seeing things? Is that a bit of red on its tail? Let’s zoom in:


I think so. And only one attack fighter has that silhouette these days. So, here’s a stock photo below (looks like during a takeoff as if it were a landing the wheels would already be fully down):


In honor of the Tuskegee Airmen. // And then HERE.

Flying at top speed from its home in Alabama to Western North Carolina would take only 9 minutes. 229 miles. I’m guessing they like to practice zipping through the crazy mountain terrain. From here to Mount Mitchell we have the highest, craziest mountains in eastern North America. I’m guessing this is radar evasion practice. This was done a while back late at night with what I’m guessing was a proof-of-concept flight with a C-5 Galaxy with the intention of getting it back into service. It was accompanied by what seemed to be varying fighters, one I clearly saw being an F-18. They were really low-flying, like just 300 feet up or so. Insane. Awesome. Really, really, really loud.

Let me take the opportunity to thank everyone in our military and our military families. Thanks for what you have done and continue to do. Thanks for giving us all an example for us to strive to follow.

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One response to “F-16 Fighting Falcon over the parish. Thanks to USAF. Note to militias.

  1. I have the deepest respect for all those who chose military service to protect others.

    During my working life I had the privilege to serve and hopefully protect our military that had been sent out by our government into conflicts around the world.

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