Homily 2018 05 14 – Everything I heard

guardian angel

When I listen to my own homilies I feel embarrassed, slow-witted. I think: “Just spit it out!” When in Rome recently, perusing the Catholic bookstores, the usual books of homilies were to be seen, excitedly proclaiming in their titles that this is finally the volume we’ve all been waiting for, the homilies that are “unedited,” you know, because no one in their right mind just publishes their homilies without being edited first, not even Pope Francis. And who would record their homilies and put the audio online? That’s just embarrassing. It is. But it is what it is. It’s what I said, not well thought out, disconnected, un-understandable, missing premises, missing the conclusions to which I was leading. That’s always the case.

But here’s the deal, the angels take even such homilies as this and, because they are given in the context of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and sincerely presented as a help to eternal salvation (imagine that)… the angels take such words and help people to get something that will be of help anyway. I don’t know how many times people have come up to me after Mass and thanked me for saying something, which they then “repeat”, though I never said anything remotely like that, though I wish I had, because it was really good! Angels are so cool. So, having said that:

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