Everyone’s a critic (It’s a donkey!)


Some parishioners were down to the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration down in Alabama and, when they saw this in the gift shop, thought of me. That’s very sweet. How dare I, then, presume to give the artist some pointers about donkeys! But, I cannot resist:

  • Palestinian donkeys are gray!
  • All donkeys have donkey ears (long ears!)
  • Donkeys are not unicorns…. oh, I see; that’s Joseph’s staff (which needs lilies sprouting from it!)

O.K. Well. That’s mean of me. In reparation, it’s time to come up with some good points:

  • The Holy Family is happy, peaceful, content even as they flee from Herod’s slaughter in Bethlehem trying to kill baby Jesus, even as they make their way through the burning desert going into exile in Egypt.
  • The donkey is super happy: look at that smile on his face. Very nice, that. I love that. This is why I think donkeys are great. They are always in the midst of the Holy Family.
  • The donkey is snarky happy, that is to say, look at the eyes in conjunction with the smile. Wow. The artist is super talented to get this across.
  • The kiss of Mary on Jesus’ forehead is the most gentle kiss the universe ever witnessed.
  • Joseph is taking it all in. Such a heart.

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One response to “Everyone’s a critic (It’s a donkey!)

  1. Animals are smart they read our emotions. The donkey is smiling because he knows that the Holy Family is going to be ok. After all he’s in charge of the get away. But he is also aware of the situation and reads their sorrow at what is happening to the Holy Innocents and the families of those babies.
    There is a folklore story of a farmer who is planting his field when the Holy Family was passing by in their flight to Egypt. Mere hours later the Roman soldiers come by and question the farmer. “Did you see a man and a woman and a baby pass by?”
    “Yes,” replies the farmer.
    “When?” demand the soldiers.
    “When I was sowing my field,” the farmer says.
    The soldiers turn away and go back when they came from. Why? Because the newly sown field has a knee high crop of wheat growing. Abba, sent His Angels to ‘encourage’ the field to yield. Love it.

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