Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Bowing in reverence edition)


Not at all sure what this is, about an inch long, a kind of grass, I think. It looks like a cob of corn with each kernel sporting a microscopic flower almost like corn which puts out a tassel, the end of each “string” being the stigma. This picture was taken at the neighbor’s at the hermitage. He said he loves to see these pictures as they seem to make each tiny flower the most important thing in the world. And it is, of course, since this is Jesus giving his good mom a flower. Each one. I love that. Whatever they are. Wherever they are. However they be. They all speak of the glory of the God, the majesty of the Creator, the joy of the Son of God surprising His mother yet again with a gift.

Our souls, so seemingly insignificant in “grand scheme of things” are, instead, noted closely, individually, by God, who says that even the hairs of our head have been counted. Indeed. And they are noted all the more when we bow our heads in reverence before God, right? Kind of like that “flower” in the picture above.


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3 responses to “Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Bowing in reverence edition)

  1. elizdelphi

    After a morning Mass at the Catholic student center a woman doctoral student I know came up to me and said “would you like a flower? it’s from Mary.” Surprised, I said “but I’m supposed to give flowers to Mary. Why is Mary giving /me/ a flower?” She explained this little carnation head fell off of Mary’s bouquet (in front of her hand carved statue, which is in front of the ambo and receives much devotion). I said sure and thanks! and put it in an outer mesh pocket of my backpack. Later I met up with two friends that were helping me with the homeless meal and put this flower on a table and told them the story putting a smile on their faces. I asked one of them, “would you like the flower from Mary” “Yes!!” she said with some enthusiasm. So, apparently happiness can be spread around with flowers FROM Mary too.

  2. I just got a two and a half foot tall statue of Mary to put out on my deck amidst the plants I grow there. It is such a gift to me to see Mary out there whenever I open my kitchen door and to see the sunlight on her statue in the late afternoon and evening – and to see her all surrounded with petunia flowers, young sunflowers and thyme. I think Mary sends us LOTS of flowers – we just don’t always recognize that they are from her. She, like her Son, is a gardener – and she is growing us.

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