Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Foresters amazed by nature edition)


If you know what you are looking at above, you’ll recognize not just the purple flower, but also the leaves of orchids, etc., the whole wide variety you’ll find just about anywhere for many thousands of square miles in these back mountains of Western North Carolina.

I was with a bunch of Foresters last night and part of the discussion was about the relatively recent arson inspired fires in the multi-state reason. One lady exclaimed that she saw a trillium recently, and was ecstatic because, you know, it was where one of the fires had passed over. But, goodness gracious, nature is strong! God is the Creator! There are now arguably more trilliums than there were before. Anyway, there are zillions out at the hermitage, not to mention those orchids and such.

I’m very happy to see that nature is appreciated and provides such a thrill for people. That speaks, actually, of a yearning to know more about the beauty and goodness of the Creator, Jesus, without whom nothing that has been made was made. Just another step from there we have flowers for the Immaculate Conception.

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