Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (snake vomit barfiness edition)


Picking up garden snakes as a kid, I noted close up that their mouths sometimes had a bit of foam like that pictured above. So, in seeing this on plants, I always thought it was snake barf. Stupid me. My neighbor at the hermitage says that it’s actually a kind of mushroom. Yes, well, that reminds of a mushroom so named for vomit:

vomit mushroom

So, you might ask, even with me having given some pretty outrageous flowers to the Immaculate Conception, how could I with any kind of conscience give such as flower laden with, um, I guess, mushrooms, to the Immaculate Conception? Would she just not laugh, or perhaps turn up her nose at them? How dare I do such a thing !! How dare I !!

Well, it’s like this. If I should be able to gather a bouquet for our Lady, I would also include the yellow flowers with the foam above (because its super-interesting, at least to me), you know, to be in the midst of another outrageous collection of say, cattails, old milkweed pods, whatever. The barf mushrooms in the picture below would be crumbled up for a “floor” for handmade pottery wide mouth vase, with soil as a “holder”. Earthy.

Just my opinion, but I think it would make our Lady smile, and, perhaps, laugh a little.

Just my opinion, but I think she’s seen much worse with those who try to be just a bit too fancy in presenting her flowers, perhaps kind of congratulating themselves. I bet I’ve done that plenty of times, stupid as I am. But, hey, my barfiness isn’t overlooked by her. She sees my need and intercedes for me, for us, right? She’s a good mother. So, I just try my best, even if I don’t see how inept I am in doing all of this. :-)


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4 responses to “Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (snake vomit barfiness edition)

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    When we were small, my brother and I used to call that white, bubbly mass on plants, “angel spit.” The we found out that it is actually made by aphids. Then we changed the name to, “bug spit.” That is quite a come down. However, since aphids and other “bugs” are part of God’s wondrous creation, I am sure Our Lady, the Immaculate One, does not mind a big of “bug spit” on her flowers.

  2. pelerin

    In Britain the white froth is commonly known as Cuckoo Spit and as Gina Nakagawa writes if you look inside you usually find a green aphid. I think the froth is produced as protection from the sun or perhaps it is there to protect the aphid from predators.
    Today I was able to put the first peony of the season into the vase next to Our Lady of Lourdes. A magnificent deep red full flower perfect in every respect was my offering to her today.

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