Francis: A Pope from the New World [Documentary K of C]

  • I was impressed by the timing of youngster Jorge’s call to the priesthood from Jesus.
  • I knew I would instantly have been friends with seminarian Jorge, as I can relate similar stories I learned from this documentary. Happiness. Joy. Service. Very cool.
  • There were things which made me laugh out loud that I didn’t know about Father Jorge, I guess because they had such resonance in my heart and soul. Indeed, I thought immediately of various things in my life as a priest that were parallel. No, really, many things indeed. Yikes.
  • There were some things which put the fear of God in me about Bishop Bergoglio because I immediately thought, “Yes, of course. Absolutely. Perfect. Well done.”
  • Then, when it comes to Pope Francis in the documentary, well, I’ll stop here! I know too much in other ways. But I’ll say this. This man does impress me. And I’m learning from him in ways I totally never expected.


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7 responses to “Francis: A Pope from the New World [Documentary K of C]

  1. sanfelipe007

    That was great, thanks for that.

  2. djc

    This was a good video.

  3. nancyv

    Glad I took the time to watch, and thanks for providing this video. Gives a WHOLE different perspective from what you hear and see elsewhere. The statement of the legislator Liliana ?, when she first heard the news of the first pope from the America’s, was very moving. And so while I continue to have reservations because of a strange premonition when I first saw him on the balcony, I will continue to pray for Pope Francis, our Holy Father.
    Plus the impression that you really like him counts for something in my book.

    …”only those who serve with love are able to protect”… That’s kind of profound. 🙂

  4. Aussie Mum

    The credits were interesting. The executive producer was Fr Thomas Rosica.

  5. steve

    Seeing the documentary goes to credit of attending 10 full Masses am I right? I mean, if you actually sit and watch intently with no snacks or beverages.

    • Father George David Byers

      Hahaha. You remind me of St Bernadette’s Basilica in Lourdes for the so-called youth Masses.

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