Last time you were at the gun range?


Stage 3 of the FBI course (4, 4, 4 speed reload 4 – timed from cover, 16 rnd total at 21 feet). These would all be inside the inside bottle on more specialized QIT targets. Putting little foam dessert plates on political sign pig-tail wires is just easier. It takes zero time to change out targets or are easy to mark up with ultra-fat markers. Anyway, these should have a tighter group at the center of aim as this stage has no spinning from 180 degrees, or dropping to a knee, nothing. So, plenty of work to do.

I don’t go to ranges as you can’t do anything. No drawing from a holster, from cover, no spinning from 180 degrees, no rapid fire series. I go out in the middle of a private back ridge in the forests of WNC. But, that’s more recreation than anything. Going to a controlled range is important if you carry so as to do the drills you can, regularly. Forget the single shots. Do double taps, or drills involving two to the torso one to the head on the big targets you’ll have. There’s plenty you can do. Anything you do will help with readiness. That’s also a mindset. It’ll assist you also in keeping sharp with situational awareness (the opposite of paranoia: it’s about seeing ways to diffuse / deescalate situations). If you carry, or have firearms at home, when’s the last time you practiced with them? Is your carry permit up do date?

Carrying is a service. It does come with a price of initial layout, of training, or practice, and also of life and limb. Ironically, self defense comes at the price of being within the statistics that a carrier is something like four times more likely to be killed by gunfire than anyone else. Those stats are from ferociously anti-2nd-amendment crowd, so I don’t know about the accuracy, such as whether all those carriers were law-abiding. At any rate, I don’t think that such stats point to foolhardiness, but rather willingness to be of assistance even in dangerous situations. That’s not an evil way of life. Rather, it is just one more thing one can do for the common good.

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