Flores for the Immaculate Conception (Flowers planted by my mom edition)


These are in a hanging basket at the nursing / rehab here in Andrews. These are what my mom planted along the border of her garden out back of the house in Minnesota. I was fascinated with them as a little, tiny kid, because they were always filled with honey bees. The second I saw these I thought of my own mom and Jesus’ mom. Flowers from mom to mom. I like that. From a mom with a troublesome kid (me) to a mom with a kid who comes not bring peace but a sword (Jesus). I love that.

The guy ultimately responsible for getting these for the nursing / rehab happened to be walking out with me the other day and I asked him what they were, telling him the story about my mom planting these back home when I was a kid. But even he couldn’t put a name on them. ???


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3 responses to “Flores for the Immaculate Conception (Flowers planted by my mom edition)

  1. Mk

    Sweet alyssum….and it’s very fragrant

  2. Father George David Byers

    Thanks for that.

  3. sanfelipe007

    At first glance, I thought the name was “sweet asylum”. Could one refer to Heaven as such? Or is “sweet asylum” better applied to purgatory?

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