Delicious Patriotism in my Parish


Every Sunday, creations such as this, with hot firsts and seconds, are in super-abundance after the 11:00 AM Mass at Holy Redeemer in Andrews, NC. The same is true on the second Sunday of the month after the 8:30 AM Mass at Prince of Peace in Robbinsville up in Graham County.


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2 responses to “Delicious Patriotism in my Parish

  1. sanfelipe007

    That is fantastic!
    My flag would have whipped cream for the white stripes, strawberries for the red stripes, and blueberries and yogurt-covered raisins for the stars. Great culinary minds think alike!

    Wow, Aussie Mum, that is tragic!

  2. Aussie Mum

    Father, I just read that the pastor of the Red Bank Baptists in South Caroliner is threatening to destroy a 2 metre statue of Our Lord that one of his parishioners carved and has graced the parish grounds for 11 years all because he says it looks too Catholic. I don’t know if you live anywhere near this confused pastor, or if you do if you could get him to realise that there is only one Jesus Christ – not a Catholic one and a Baptist one – or failing that if you could rescue the statue. The article is at

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