Homily 2018 06 03 – Corpus Christi




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7 responses to “Homily 2018 06 03 – Corpus Christi

  1. nancyv

    Never knew the history of the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ.
    Now I do, thanks to you. I tell my daughter we can’t know EVERYTHING about this wonderfilled Catholic Faith, but we are both taken aback when we learn things we thought we should have known or learned.
    Also, the encouragement to participate with our heart and mind in the Mass even when there is a “knucklehead” priest. I feel for the holy priests who offer the Holy Mass to us knucklehead parishioners. Thank you Father.

  2. pelerin

    Thank you Father for your homily for this great Feast. It’s the first time I have heard that even if a Priest does not believe, he is still ‘in persona Christi’. That is good to know….

    I had two wonderful occasions to celebrate this Feast this year. I attended the closure of the Quarant’Ore (the first there for many years) followed by Pontifical High Mass in the Extraordinary Form on Thursday in the London church of Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane where Mgr Ronald Knox was once a regular preacher. The church has recently been re-decorated and is one of the most beautiful in London.

    And yesterday (Sunday) I joined the Corpus Christi procession from Our Lady of the Assumption, Warwick Street (another beautiful London church) ending with Benediction in St James, Spanish Place (yet another magnificent London church). As we processed through the streets of Soho many onlookers were taking photos of the procession and it was wonderful to be able to sing the familiar traditional Catholic hymns including ‘Lauda Jerusalem’ and ‘Lauda Sion Salvatorem’ so familiar from Lourdes processions. Processions are such a witness to the Faith. Little by little they appear to be being revived in England.

  3. pelerin

    I should have added that the Church of Corpus Christi has just been raised to be the official diocesan shrine of the Blessed Sacrament and that the hymn ‘Sweet Sacrament Divine’ was composed by a former Parish priest there.

  4. sanfelipe007


  5. pelerin

    I see Fr Z has put up some photos and a short video of yesterday’s Corpus Christi procession in London with the singing of ‘Lauda Jerusalem.’ I am still finding myself humming it today.

  6. pelerin

    Fr Z has now changed the photos he put up of Sunday’s procession as he had confused two different London processions. I realised the details he gave did not correspond to the photos but have been unable to comment since he changed his format but it was good to see them.

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