Ooo! EU’s Privacy Policy & this blog: Cookies and cookies! Mmm mmm!


So, it looks the EU is paranoid. If you’re concerned about your privacy and visiting, like, you know, WordPress blogs, take a look at what the WordPress cookies are and do, that is, take a look at what seems to be, like, you know, some 25 or 50 pages or so of detailed technical presentation about what kind of computer gobbledygook goes into making such cookies: They could call it a recipe.

A bunch of people have signed up for email notifications. Those go out automatically and each one, I guess, has a link by which you can unsubscribe at any time. If you subscribe through WordPress reader or whatever, you can unsubscribe to that pretty much in the same way you subscribed. :-)

There should be a banner which appears at the top of the blog asking you to accept or to instead stop using the site. On that banner you’ll see I’ve added a note that we also use StatCounter, which is almost useless since WordPress.COM blogs don’t use javascript, so only basic stuff comes back that can simply repeat what WordPress provides but in an easier to use format, like nicely colored world maps of where visitors come from across the globe. To do this, it does collect, like WordPress, the public IP, which, anyway, is no longer tied to any particular source as there are no longer enough numbers: IPs are reused now for any number of people at any given time right around the world, so, whatever.

WordPress seems a bit miffed about all this hassle, but provides this way to comply with new EU law. If you click Accept, the banner will disappear for 180 days but then reappear, just to annoy you. Sorry. Offer it up for the Poor Souls.

Sometimes computer users are a bit unknowing about all this. For instance, one dear reader left a nice comment only to be horrified that it appeared publicly and quickly asked me to take it down and that no message should ever go up. I took it down right away, of course. But now, there’s a mixed message wondering why messages never get put up! The reader is really wonderful, but just new to the whole computer thing. And that’s fine. We can work with each other.

If anyone wants to take a comment down or whatever, let me know. I’m happy to oblige.

In looking over all this kind of thing and imagining all the law suits and bickering that can go on, it comes to mind that I would rather just be heaven. That’s one of the reasons I have comment moderation turned on. I don’t want fights going on in the comments box. It all turns very ugly very quickly, so, no. I like civility.


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3 responses to “Ooo! EU’s Privacy Policy & this blog: Cookies and cookies! Mmm mmm!

  1. My account is a personal account, do you know if I have to put that disclaimer about cookies, it is just a simple blog, not selling anything.

  2. sanfelipe007

    Banner, shmanner! I render unto Babylon what is Babylon’s.

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