Fr Byers is… Scots-Irish?!

DNA scots-irish

Here’s a partial detail of a screen shot of my Ancestry DNA results. Ulster! Scots Irish! Who knew? I did. Actually, decades ago before any DNA whatever. You see, Byers is an Ulsterish name. My dad looks soooo Scots Irish. Byers is a terribly common name in Western North Carolina. Anyone who knows anything about Scots Irish knows I’m that. So, why…


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3 responses to “Fr Byers is… Scots-Irish?!

  1. Nan

    Haven’t done a DNA test but am reportedly Scots Irish by way of McCullough from WI.

  2. sanfelipe007

    For you, Nan:

  3. My family research shows me (an English lady) that I have both Scots and Irish ancestry. Curiously I have not found any Welsh. Yet…

    The Scottish ancestry is on my paternal side and I have been able to trace to a point. The Irish ancestry is more intriguing and I have not been able to make progress on it due to the early deaths of my grandmother’s parents and my grandmothers reluctance to talk about her early life. The one thing she did talk about is that her mother and father’s marriage was a Catholic/Anglican union and that their families would have nothing more to do with them because of this.

    This family anecdote is not borne out by the facts of my research. Their fathers signed as witnesses on their marriage certificate.

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