Monsters, little kids, and God


Monsters from the lagoon. Female above, methinks. I don’t know if these are poisonous or not, but I bet they can bite dog-tongue painfully. They’re in the water bowl. They’re always in the water bowl. So, they’ve been removed. Again. They had an egg sack. Poor things. Here’s the male:


In other monster news, it’s just a guess, but was this one of those very long black beetles who’s now hatched into this flying machine? Looks like he could pinch a pencil in two:


I think it’s good to be fascinated with nature (step one), and be in awe and wonder at the Creator of it all (step two). Only those who are childlike shall enter the Kingdom of the Heavens. Go ahead and take the first step. But do go on to the second step. This two-step is a very healing process.


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4 responses to “Monsters, little kids, and God

  1. There’s a place, that will identify your spider when you submit a picture.

  2. meshugunah

    When I taught 1st or 2nd Grade CCD, we always did at least one “bug” craft project, because “God LIKES bugs – look at how many varieties of them He’s made!” Always amazed at how many little girls went from yuck to awe (Boys were always ready for awe…)

  3. Whether or not we are scared of bugs, there are some bugs that can inject their poison into an unsuspecting human with quite unpleasant after effects.

    Bee (bees do not normally sting) and wasp stings can induce anaphylactic shock.

    I am not usually bitten let allergic to any bites or stings but a couple of years ago I was bitten by an insect called black fly. The bites caused quite an unpleasant itchy reaction on my lower legs. In England the insect is called the Blandford Fly due to the location it was first noted in. At that time a friend of mine informed me that her son had been bitten by this fly and the poison from the bites had made him delirious.

    Last year whilst enjoying an evening meal in my garden I was again bitten around the ankles by this fly. I thought nothing about it until later the next day when I got home from work my ankles were red and feeling hot and a small blister was forming on one of my ankles..

    The next day when I woke up my ankles had swelled up and were bright red and the blister had grown in size (the blister eventually grew to the size of a golf ball). I felt my heartbeat pounding so I made an appointment at my local minor injuries clinic.

    It was noted that my temperature was a slightly high and so was my pulse rate and I was prescribed with antihistamine and antibiotics. A little later in the day I felt slightly shivery so I must have had a slight fever along with everything else.

    To this day my ankle has not completely recovered.

    Insects can look beautiful, but must be treated with respect. As to the silent but deadly ones that thought I was tasty…

    Oh Joy, it seems that they are likely to visit again soon :-/

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