Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (predictable chaos edition)


These chaotic guys are to be found about ninety feet up a cliff over a waterfall not far from the hermitage. There is absolutely predictable order to such things if only we study it enough. Theories, at a loss of how to control the chaos, head not into further science, but into a philosophy cut off from logic. Some call it all hopelessly chaotic. Some say that it is all entirely deterministic, so that, for instance, entirely different worlds will come about whether or not, say, a spider taps one foot just once instead of twice, irredeemably so.

And there we have it: no possibility of redemption. After original sin it’s all a loss. Chaos wins. All irredeemable, we say. But who are we to say that? After further abandoning premises and proper reasoning, the very existence of God is doubted or denied, but really as a kind of challenge, but with the assertion that’s it’s all too much even for God, should He exist, to redeem. It’s all irredeemable.

But after the chaos has done it’s ever so lockstep predictable work, God’s love, even through one of us – the Immaculate Conception – stares us in the eyes, beckoning us to this love that conquers death, conquers chaos, leading us to life eternal:


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