UFO, Google maps, terror negligence

google ufo drone

There are lots of reports about UFOs these days. Whatever with that, count the floors of the buildings so you know what you’re looking at. Now look at how close the camera has to be to the plane to get this aspect ratio. If it was a satellite, the plane would appear to be a tenth the size in the picture. Perhaps the camera is just a couple of hundred feet up from the plane, an excellent weatherproof camera with lots of storage and battery power and decent engines for its rounds even in turbulent weather. A plane? I doubt that. We’re equidistant between London City Airport and Heathrow in direct line with the runways of both, close to both. Either this guy is just taking off or just ready to land. This camera would have had to have been in a drone, right above this plane. Or, let’s just call it a UFO and then it’s all O.K. once again. You can’t indict a UFO or make an insurance settlement with a UFO. This is really sloppy national security over in England. Does this happen in the USA?


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2 responses to “UFO, Google maps, terror negligence

  1. pelerin

    That’s interesting. According to one answer as to how the Google map photos are taken, apart from by satellites they are also taken from small planes with the cameras situated on the underside which would seem to be the case here. In some parts of London the planes just seem to skim the buildings particularly if you are under the flight path for landing. The first time I visited Kew Gardens with relatives who lived nearby they forgot to mention the fact that planes skimmed the trees there as they were so used to this. The first one gave me quite a shock!

    • Father George David Byers

      For sure. This distance is insane. That’s all I’m saying. A bit of turbulence could have changed many lives.

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