McCarrick homosexual story urgently ditched for “pedophilia” in Penn story

Oh. I see. The homosexual crisis was named pedophilia to make it sound even worse and so as to protect the homosexualist agenda: “We’re not talking about homosexuals but rather pedophiles!” But it was pretty much all homosexual, right?

So, the McCarrick story was ditched. People might think the truth, that the “pedophilia” narrative was a cover-up for homosexualists.

Part of this is to ensure that accusation is proof of guilt. Think about that. No due process is allowed. The accused are not allowed to defend themselves. A huge percentage are dead. Most of the accusations point to even more than a lifetime ago when no defense is possible anyway. Isn’t it true that in the midst of all this a prosecutor and judge and in prison because of their corruption in all this. Homosexualists protecting themselves? And being anti-Catholic just to do it? I think so.

This is worse than the Salem witch trials. At least the witches could prove their innocence by being drown in rivers. Oh, but then they’re dead. And priests throats are slit by accusations with no proof and no defense permitted.

Those who attack priests with no due process, with no right to a defense, for whom accusation is proof, are violent homosexualists. I note that The Wall Street Journal and Fox News have now joined the band wagon so that they can hail themselves to be heroes. But this is the action of weak cowards. This is no longer journalism. This is about tender snowflakes ranting. You know. Just like that ultra-tradition-al-ism-ists on the “Catholic” side of things, who, for decades and still today always banter about the pedophilia word and avoid the homosexualist word. You know. Because…


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4 responses to “McCarrick homosexual story urgently ditched for “pedophilia” in Penn story

  1. janine

    Thank you Father. I noticed this too because the news and the list came out last year or maybe earlier this year in the newspaper in Erie and the hype now..well it seems like it was smoke … Just felt like it was something to take away the scandal from another story. ‘Nothing to see here move along’.just makes me really sad that this is going on.. but also to pray for our priests and bishops more.. you dont have to post my comment. I just wanted to let you know I think you are right

  2. I don’t deny that there have surely been some horrific abuses but I still believe there are at least some who made accusation for the sake of the lucrative settlements that were offered. They may have ‘made out’ pretty well in the wallet – but someday they will stand before Jesus and when He stares at them and says “what you did to the least of my brothers you did to me” they will wish they had never pulled this hoax. All this might have been avoided if only the Bishops and the Pope had consecrated Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart as she requested in 1917.
    People who say that this request was satisfied when Pope John Paul II consecrated the world to Mary because Russia is part of the world are mistaken. That’s not what Mother Mary asked for. It’s like if your mom sent you to the store and said, ‘get me some eggs.’ And you came home with a cake – with the excuse that cake contains eggs. No, I think Mom would not be satisfied.

  3. You are correct. Like Cardinal Burke said, the Church has a homosexual problem. That problem is being covered up by everyone. It is aggressive and predatory and hostile and well funded.

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