“If abortion is immoral, I want to go to hell!” he shrieked. No one said a thing.

prolife sonogram born

The shrieker shrieked that anything pro-life is mere politics.

A friend, who told me this story, told him that protecting life in the womb has to do with morality, and that it’s immoral to destroy life.

“If abortion is immoral, then I want to go to hell,” the shrieker shrieked loudly enough for all to hear in the large gathering of seemingly otherwise committed Catholics who belonged to a chivalrous group who famously claim to be practicing Catholics who are pro-life and pro-family.

No one else said a thing. They’re all afraid to say anything. Except one, the guy telling me the story. Is this where we’ve arrived? Are we all so apologetic about life?

Mind you, the shrieker is a pillar of the Catholic community.

Mind you, the shrieker shrieked loudly, repeating himself many times, with anger, with arrogance, explosively, as a challenge to God and man:

“I want to go to hell. I want to go to hell. I want to go to hell.”

We pray for him and those like him for their conversion. We pray for fortitude of those who should know better so as to say something. Imagine if everyone there, all committed Catholics proud of their great apostolates, would have just stopped everything else and helped him to understand the truth, and that he should go to Confession. After all, by his shrieking he had already stopped everything else.

We should remember that Mary carried the Son of the Living God in her womb for nine months. Hail Mary…


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6 responses to ““If abortion is immoral, I want to go to hell!” he shrieked. No one said a thing.

  1. Joisy Goil

    If he continues with that kind of thinking – he just might. (go to hell that is) Funny how the only people who support abortion are alive. No joke intended here, although at first sight it seems to be a totally asinine statement. If, we consider that each of us could have been aborted – (the aborted baby obviously has no say in this) what would someone like this guy have said if his mother admitted “I wanted to abort you!” I suspect it would have a sobering effect.

    Doesn’t the sonogram kind of resemble the Shroud of Turin?

  2. nancyv

    Someone needs to go to confession – like all of us – “for what I have done and what I have failed to do”
    This must have been scary.

  3. pelerin

    What a sad story.

    Interesting to read Joisy Goil’s comment about considering that every one of us could have been aborted. I am reminded that if the abortion law had been in place (and scans had been invented) before my mother was born then this might have happened to her as my mother had a deformity that is one of the reasons accepted today for allowing abortion. She might not have been born meaning that I would not exist, nor my sons nor my grandsons. A sobering thought.

  4. James Anderson

    The shrieker reminds me of some of the demon possessed people in the gospels. We need to pray for him. He is in serious need of prayer.

  5. Aussie Mum

    That foolish man who can’t countenance being with God if God doesn’t condone evil is at war with himself. It’s not just any evil that has him in its thrall but he, the fruit of someone’s motherhood, is totally committed to the destruction of motherhood (abortion) and of himself (hell). He has no peace. Abortion (war on the unborn) and Euthanasia (war on the economically unproductive) is war on the family. All out war (war on everyone) cannot be far off, or so it seems, when so many are angry (at war with God and themselves). However, Mary’s Immaculate Heart that never shirked from motherhood and all the suffering it would bring her will triumph over the devil’s hatred of mankind and fallen man’s self-loathing, and there will be peace.

  6. Aussie Mum

    I totally agree with James Anderson. The man in question needs prayers and sacrifices offered on his behalf as Our Lady of Fatima called for.

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