It’s enough to ask: “What the hell is going on? Of what are we so afraid?”


I remember putting this picture up a few years ago (I don’t know who so brilliantly created this) and then very quickly after that I think it was a seminarian who tweeted that this picture totally freaked him out, you know, with an attitude of one of those tender snowflakes who are entitled not to be educated about the reality of the way things actually are before God and man. He was really angry. Vindictive. He wanted to stop this in some way, in any way. It shouldn’t be allowed. What the hell was I doing he wondered, ever so bewildered.

In these days I see things that demonically attack the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Disgusting things. It’s enough to ask: “What the hell is going on?” Yep. I agree. There is an answer of course.

  • When’s the last time you heard your priest say that the Last Supper is united to Calvary in the self-sacrificing, totally self-giving wedding vows of Jesus with His Immaculate Bride, the Church, that the priest says in the first person singular: This is my body given for you in sacrifice, the chalice of my blood poured out for you in sacrifice?
  • When’s the last time you heard your priest say that Jesus laid down His life for us, He standing in our place, the innocent for the guilty, so that He would have the right in His own justice to have mercy on us, with mercy being founded, utterly, upon justice.

So, what are the laity supposed to think about the Mass if priests never speak to the reality of the Mass and the Most Blessed Sacrament?

So, what are seminarians supposed to think about the Mass if they have never had any of this presented to them in their training?

We need to stand up to total ignorance and teach the truth and insist that priests teach the truth about the love of God which demands honesty, integrity, goodness and kindness and TRUTH. Anything less leads to utter mayhem and immorality.

We want Jesus! We want to thank Him for laying down His life us, for redeeming us, for forgiving our sins, for bringing us to life. We do NOT want to be confirmed in sin, have rationalizations given to us for sin, or be pushed into sin.

Instruct your priests. Demand that they preach the living Truth of the Son of the Living God.

Be not afraid!

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Always Jesus. Always. No matter what. Yep.


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10 responses to “It’s enough to ask: “What the hell is going on? Of what are we so afraid?”

  1. sanfelipe007

    Father, I was about to talk to some people about John 7:27, 41-42. While scriptural support for John 41-42 is easy to find, I have no idea where in scripture to find support for the Jews to make the claim in John 7:27. Would you, could you help me out?

    • Father George David Byers

      That’s about geneologies perhaps. I would have to look at it. They were just being difficult.

  2. sanfelipe007

    Speaking of instructing priests (I know this was not directed to the laity), I asked my Parish Priest why we call the Mass “Mass.” You looked very put out and replied “It has always been called the Mass!” Of course, I found this answer inadequate. I did a search and and read that the name comes from the Latin phrase at the end of the Liturgy ( at least until 1962) “ite, missa est.” Is this correct?

  3. sanfelipe007

    Yes, being difficult would make perfect sense. Thank you.

  4. sanfelipe007

    “You looked very put out” should be “He looked very put out.” What a strange lexical occurrence.

  5. meshugunah

    Spoke to a missionary priest once; he explained that he was often very lonely saying Mass all by himself. Had to remind him that he was NEVER alone at Mass! He was simultaneously in the Upper Room at the First Mass/Last Supper, at the Foot of the Cross, at the Empty Tomb on Resurrection Morning, as well as at every Mass ever celebrated (or which will be celebrated in our linear perception of time). Every angel in the vicinity would be there, along with his Guardian Angel. Our Lady is there. His patron saints were there. By the time we finished, he laughed and said the chapel was really quite crowded, when a person knew how to look at it!

  6. elizdelphi

    There is a video here that has scenes beginning just after 3:20 that resemble it, though not exactly the same (the video avoids the second pair of hands):

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