Another miracle at Lourdes

Au cours de la Grand-Messe du 145ème pélérinage national de Lourdes le 14 août 2018, témoignage de Soeur Bernadette MORIAU, 70ème et dernière miraculée reconnue par l’Église Catholique, après 8 années d’enquêtes, d’analyses et d’examens médicaux réalisés par des professeurs en Médecine qui ont conclu sa guérison inexplicable par la science.


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5 responses to “Another miracle at Lourdes

  1. pelerin

    One of the many highlights of my visit to Lourdes this year was shaking hands with the 70th ‘miraculee’. I had no idea Soeur Bernadette Moriau was there but Providence gave me this opportunity. I was sheltering from the rain under an awning of the Information Centre when I was conscious that next to me was a tiny nun who looked very like the nun I had seen on interviews on French television – the 70th declared Lourdes miracle. However I was not able to pluck up courage to speak to her in case I was mistaken.
    A short while later a young man approached her and from their conversation I realised I had not been mistaken. She left shortly afterwards and I had missed my opportunity of shaking hands with her – or so I thought. After all with 25,000 pilgrims there the chances of seeing her again seemed slim.
    Later going down into the Underground Basilica (which has several entrances) I spotted her just in front and heard a lady ask ‘C’est bien elle?’ to which someone replied ‘oui, c’est bien elle.’ So it was indeed her. I asked if I could shake hands with her but did not say anything else as a tv crew were waiting to interview her. Anyway what do you say to someone who has been so blessed?

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    Grace a Dieu.

  3. Joisy Goil

    Prier pour moi.

  4. sanfelipe007

    I would say “Tell me everything! Omit nothing! [I do not speak French very well] Anyway, this was one of my late sister’s favorite lines from a movie, I believe, titled: The North Star (1943). The line was uttered by Dr. Von Harden (Erich Von Stroheim). There I go rambling, again.

    • pelerin

      Interesting comment sanfelipe and yes I would have loved to have had such a conversation with her. However as the tv crew were waiting to interview her and as I had already seen different interviews with her online recounting her wonderful cure ( which happened ten years ago), I did not wish to delay her further. I did get the opportunity of hearing her speak later although I was not at the Mass from which the video was taken.

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