Cicada calls caption call


A cicada just out of his cocoon, wings still unfolding, a first look at the world after been one and seventeen years (depending: I’m no entomologist), wondering what sort of creature is holding him up, trying to take in the scene with ultra super wide scope eye pods. What could he possibly be thinking? I guess that’s a caption call… I’m guessing he’s saying “Hello!” since he’s waving in a friendly manner with his right front… claw.


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4 responses to “Cicada calls caption call

  1. Jeannie Diemer

    “You lift me up…….” (Think Josh Groban)

  2. Joisy Goil

    I think he’s saluting you. He’s been sleeping for seventeen years and has to stretch and yawn. He knows got a lot to accomplish in a short period of time.
    God does astonishing work. Do you suppose there is an analogy here? After our ‘hibernation’ will we rise to an existence we couldn’t even imagine?

  3. pelerin

    This picture has reminded me of an incident I was trying to forget!!!
    I was enjoying a meal and a glass of wine outside a cafe-bar in Lourdes last week when an enormous winged and hairy insect alighted on my leg. I had never seen such a creature before and have been unable to identify it since. It caused a mere tickle before I brushed it away but to my horror when next I looked down there was a 5 inch long trickle of blood from where it had been resting and presumably feasting on my blood.
    I had been celebrating my birthday and seeing this wondered if it would be my last! Being English we are not used to these Continental beasties!

  4. sanfelipe007

    “Hmm, this is a strange tree. Such strange leaves.”

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