Innocent Fr Basil Hutsko attacked by the… bishops? and the Holy See?

And so it begins?

From the chancery of the Parma Eparchy: PRAYER REQUEST: Fr. Basil Hutsko was attacked and knocked unconscious this morning in the altar servers sacristy at his parish in Merrillville, Indiana after celebrating Liturgy. The attacker choked him and slammed his head to the ground. Fr. Basil lost consciousness. Before going unconscious Fr. Basil heard the attacker say, “This is for all the kids!” (reference to the clergy sex abuse coverage in the media.) All clergy are now targets and need to be vigilant. However it must also be clear that Fr. Hutsko was a random target. He is NOT guilty of any sex abuse. Fr. Hutsko is being examined in the hospital at this time.

No. This is not an occasion to say: “And so it begins.” This violence against priests has been going on ever since the U.S. Bishops and The National Catholic Risk Retention Group and their sycophants in the Holy See decided that the best way to go about things is to treat priests as guilty of abuse because they were ordained, so that an accusation is proof of guilt, so that that money can be paid to those who call those bishops heroes for being “tough” for not allowing due process.

There is little difference between Fr Basil Hutsko’s attacker not granting due process and the Bishops collectively not granting due process. The bishops provided the example, an example of claimed divine mandate. You know someone is going to take up the example.

But the bishops will get their comeuppance. Unfortunately, as all the guilty ones retire out, it will be the good ones who get punished just like Fr Basil Hutsko paid the price owed by this guilty counterparts. That’s what happened to Jesus. I suggest to the good ones, however, that they ought best do what is right before God, and grant due process.

Dear bishops: mercy is the provision of the justice of due process. It what Jesus wants. And this is all about Jesus, right? Right?


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2 responses to “Innocent Fr Basil Hutsko attacked by the… bishops? and the Holy See?

  1. Aussie Mum

    Catholic priests are being scapegoated by their bishops and the media to misdirect public outrage. This is not to say all bishops and journalists do this, only that a significant portion do.
    An article I read yesterday pointed out that narcissists are inclined to climb the social ladder, and hence the ecclesial ladder if the man is ordained. A narcissist’s response to feeling guilty is to project his crime onto others, especially onto those closest to him over whom he has authority. Therefore, if the narcissist is a boss he would likely target his employees, a parent his children and a bishop his priests. It is said that narcissism is on the rise and that it is more common among homosexuals, and as some have pointed out, the sex abuse crisis in the Church is of a homosexual nature.
    I do not believe that most bishops and priests are homosexual, nor that those who have not reported their deviant brothers are heartless supporters of their crimes. A family – or parish or diocese – is thrown off kilter by a narcissist. The narcissist isn’t normal and inspires fear and confusion. Non-narcissists walk around them as if walking on egg shells.
    A narcissist can be extremely vindictive. Courage is needed but it is impossible to adequately tackle a problem when its contours aren’t clear. Recognising that the abuse crisis in the Church is not one of pedaphillia but of homosexuality is a first step. Then we need to identify its narcissistic core in order to deal with our own inaction. I have experienced narcissism in my family (in this case the person was not a homosexual) and it changes family dynamics. The malignant narcissist does what he or she likes and no one takes effective action, sometimes for decades, because the narcissist hides their malevolence behind a mask of benevolence.

  2. Nan

    That’s my Eparchy.

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