Laudie-dog, earthquake-dog


I heard the earthquake, kind of like a distant shotgun. At the same time I felt a tiny jolt, and then an ever so gentle hammock-like sway. Five seconds total. Probably out of scope on any scale. No one else I talked to noted anything. But Laudie-dog, who was sleeping, went instantly into nightmare mode. I woke her up and she came over to be reassured.


Filed under Dogs, Missionaries of Mercy

2 responses to “Laudie-dog, earthquake-dog

  1. Mildred

    So glad you were home for Laurie-dog’s sake. Animals seem to be quite sensitive to nature even to notifying humans that something is happening.
    There there sweet Laurie-dog. Mildred


    Laudie-dog is such a sweetie. Please tell her and her companion that some treats are on the way! If she would like something different, please let me know.

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