Road danger: That’s not the danger


The road is only as wide as a car is wide, and the foundation is only mud, and there’s been an inordinate amount of rain for a long time, so any washout could easily bring the rest of the road with it as a vehicle rumbles over. It’s difficult to get perspective, but if the road were to give way you would find yourself about 70 feet down and then precipitously down a gorge. This has already been fixed last year with hundreds of huge boulders, of which you can only see a few down on the far side of the river. That’s a fright.

But that’s not the road danger. Instead, yesterday, there was some maniac terrorizing drivers for about ten miles of a thirty mile cell-phone dead zone, you know, the whole bumper hugging thing on what I’m sure vies for the most curviest mountain road in the Great Smoky Mountains, which is saying a lot. The front car (me) might just have to slow down for a curve or unexpected obstacle. My defense? Ignore him. Pray for him. Drive like the automatically recorded digital video (I recommend Thinkware 770) will be played in court the next day. ;-) After ten miles of this, he gave up. Baiting doesn’t work with me. That’s a good skill for everyone to have.

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