Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Memories edition)


When I was growing up I knew people who had patches, even farms of marijuana, who bragged of their exploits in Central and South America, coming back with all sorts of names for different types of their “weed” or “pot” which they called, for instance, “gold.” I remember getting tours of what they were growing. I recall the seven-fold partitioned long fingered leaves just like those above. But I don’t remember ever seeing such flowers as pictured here on this seven foot tall plant. So, I have no idea what this is, what I saw at a friend’s house on the day off. That friend is a fantastic gardener and very much likes to contribute flowers for the Immaculate Conception.

I would have been putting up some pictures of some lilies which come out at this time of year at the hermitage, but I see that someone stole the flowers. I think I know who that is, I think perhaps the same person who’s been shooting at me over the last few years on the day off. I’ve never been hit. But I’m sorry to see that the plants themselves were stolen, and damaged. Here’s a photo of a bloom from those plants. I hope our Lady doesn’t mind being given a memory!

flores wow

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  1. Joisy Goil

    This flower is a Cleome. We used to call them spider flowers. My mom had them in her flower beds. When we moved into our house (years ago) there was a flower bed in the front yard. My son’s Godfather was a cop and he asked me why I had pot growing in my flower bed (they were Cleomes) – I protested they were flowers – but he did some automatic police work and decided that since the previous owners had teenage sons, he’d pull them all up just in case. Better to be pro-active huh?

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