Delivering packages to His Holiness

A lady in the parish who raises Czech King Shepherds for law enforcement and other spectacular uses got an interestingly colored but full cross on the back Palestinian donkey the other day and sent me this video of some loud braying. Donkeys are like this. When they bray, it’s very loud indeed.

This donkey, yours truly, is not getting ready to bray. Instead, I am today getting ready to be a beast of burden who will carry the melodies of others across the pond, all the way to somewhere, say, depending, oh, between 125 and 350 meters from the obelisk in front of Saint Peter’s Basilica over in Rome. Strange way to measure distance. Anyway, I’m talking about two packages of whistle blowers, victims of one kind or another.

  • The first necessitates a crossing of international borders this morning just to deliver the package thus far. The legal expertise that has gone into this package is unparalleled for a number of reasons, including an eye witness account of the malice of vicious, ruthless homosexualist politicking from the those in particular positions. This goes to the very heart of what is known thus far, and far beyond. This would be enough for Pope Francis to do what I hope he has been baiting all along and will now proceed to the lopping off of some heads. It’s all way too much, and has been so since the beginning. I’m hoping that his delay has been caused by the unending addition of names being continuously added to the decapitation list. But now, perhaps this very package will convince him that this exercise in baiting has run its course, and that now is the time to act. If not…. just… wow…
  • The second package is enough, all on it’s own, to solidify testimony given by Archbishop Viganò. If this were the only evidence, it would prove Viganò’s case. The best legal mind on the planet (no exaggeration) has his eye on the language used in this particular package. God bless this victim, whose credibility and good standing has been proven by the Pope’s own authorities. :-) This is a case of the suffering of a poor man, who, being the stomped on underdog cast into the darkest of existential peripheries, should catch the notice of Pope Francis, and his compassion, such that, again, he will ascertain that enough is enough, and now is the time to act.

By the way, just to say, none of this has to do with “the children.” It never did. There is much more going on. All the best analysts I know (in the background, but at the heart of things) come to the same conclusion from premises of facts that we have come to know from first hand sources. We can all list a number of interconnected end-of-the-world type extortions being put before Pope Francis. This is why I have always asked your prayers for him. That I am making these deliveries (please God!) is also a result, I am quite sure, of your good prayers.

I recall the last time I tried to do something about this myself. It was the time when I was being tossed quite literally into a dumpster. As I was told, repeatedly, as a reprimand, it was a certain someone in Rome who wanted my demise. I laugh, as I am content with any circumstances in this life. I have my eyes lifted to the heavens. That‘s what’s important. Jesus is the One. Jesus is the only One.


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17 responses to “Delivering packages to His Holiness

  1. Jeannie Diemer

    Prayers for all the intentions and a safe journey and return.

  2. Cathe D.

    Prayers for you, Father George. God bless you.


  3. Aussie Mum

    So, when you led us to believe you were calling on Pope Francis to abdicate you didn’t mean it? You were baiting us, your readers?
    I suppose it is because you bait others that you think the pope might be baiting, in his case in order to uncover corrupt cardinals and bishops. And because you feel compassion for victims you think, or at least hope, that he will too. However, he is not you.
    You have a good heart, Father, but there is no evidence that Pope Francis has. He may even be a narcissist incapable of compassion. It is hard to believe that if he had any compassion that he could allow the Church to be harmed in order to catch it’s corrupt members. However, he may cave and come down hard on his corrupt friends to save himself when confronted by your evidence.
    I will continue to pray for your safety and for Pope Francis to repent. You

    • Father George David Byers

      Not all readers are as good hearted and well intentioned as you Aussie Mum. Most, but not all.

  4. Aussie Mum

    * The last 2 words of my post were accidentally left off. The last sentence was “You take care.”

  5. Please be careful Fr. Byers. Your parishioners, including the virtual ones _ and not to mention Laudie-dog and Shadow-dog need you.

    Safe journey. Prayers go with you…

    Gos bless

  6. litteralis

    Da…, uh, wow!
    V. resp’y,

  7. This is very John le Carré. Go George!

      • Indeed, more George Smiley than James Bond: [His works] feature Circus agents as unheroic political functionaries aware of the moral ambiguity of their work and engaged more in psychological than physical drama. [They] emphasise the fallibility of [the Church] and of the services protecting it, often implying the possibility of moral equivalence. Moreover, they experience little of the violence typically encountered in action thrillers and have very little recourse to gadgets – much of the conflict is internal, rather than external and visible

  8. elizdelphi

    Is someone helping pay for this travel? Can I contribute??

  9. Joisy Goil

    God be with you! My prayers are with you, Father George.

  10. I hope and pray you are right about Pope Francis’ intentions. I hope and pray that your journey has gone / is going /will go as smoothly as a mission like this can hope to go.

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