Catheads ‘n Soppins. What’s the diet of your priest in the midst of the storm?


It’s been a long standing tradition after the Thursday Noon Mass in Robbinsville to have a bit of lunch together. I’ve never heard mention of “Fried Oreos.” Must be a new recipe from the Yankees up north. I went instead for the “Catheads ‘n Soppins” aka biscuits ‘n gravy (along with other bacon enhanced delights).


I think I have the best parish in the whole wide world. The parishioners are very good to me, perhaps even especially while the storms storm away. I very much appreciate that. How about your priests?


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6 responses to “Catheads ‘n Soppins. What’s the diet of your priest in the midst of the storm?

  1. Nan

    Fried oreos have been around for years. I had them at the fair several years ago.
    On Sunday, Father had plans with our seminarian and turned down lunch with one of the families. Maria, age 4, extended the invitation and, after giving his reply to her mom, came back to ask if he was going to take a nap. He said yes.
    He seems a bit spoiled, but it’s a small church, albeit not quite as small as your parish.
    The seminarian isn’t actually ours or Byzantine, but his grandma is a member of Fr’s home parish, the parish at which Fr Basil was attacked, and was at the parish down the road for the summer. Kyle wants to be a bi-ritual priest and have faculties in the Ruthenian Church, which may or may not be why he hung out on the porch with father this summer.

    • Father George David Byers

      A great Ruthenian deacon is Robert Spenser of Jihad Watch.

      • Nan

        He’s Melkite.
        We have a couple of Jesuits who help us sometimes. Fr John Paul is a school administrator and is Melkite. We had badoo leaves scattered on the floor at Easter, which is a Melkite tradition, because he’s part of the parish. Fr Larry is at the Jesuit novitiate in St Paul and is Ruthenian. He shows to get his Byzantine on.

  2. meshugunah

    County fair food – ANYTHING which can be battered and deep fried, will be battered and deep fried. Same holds true for Jersey Shore boardwalk, the first place where I encountered Fried Snickers, Fried Oreos, and other cholesterol-laden delights. Did someone try Mexican-style fried ice cream (a legitimate dessert IMO…) and get delusions of grandeur?

    • Nan

      Fair rules. The MN state fair has a lot of deep fried food on a stick. I sometimes tell people who aren’t native to the state that if they fail to attend the fair and eat food on a stick, their work Visa will be revoked.

  3. sanfelipe007

    I had a great home-cooked Vietnamese dinner with Father Hai and Father Sang at the home of one of my friends from school who grew up with Father Sang. We had several dishes, including the standard, pho. A great time, in a safe port, during a storm.

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