Jerky for the pooches. MTech Xtreme.


The famous DoS Charlene Duline has been totally spoiling what she ingloriously calls the fur-babies. I’m sure Laudie-dog is good with that description. I’m certain that Shadow-dog looks askance with such words long enough for Laudie-dog to eat his treats as well. That’s been the plan all along.

The knife is made to be holstered. I carry it upside down, handle forward on the belt on the left hip, horizontally. Very useful to open boxes like this one, and to cut straps of boxes, and such-like. It’s got a 2 1/2″ blade. It’s an MTech Xtreme. I recommend it. Also for other rare, unwanted and, if possible, to be avoided events.

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Filed under Dogs, Missionaries of Mercy

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