Oh, I forgot. The Audience.

To go from Peter to Paul, Bishops to Clergy, CDF to the Apostolic Palace, from the Augustinianum to Porta Sant’Anna is an exercise in futility on Wednesday mornings, unless you walk the length of Borgo Santo Spirito, then cross over, then back track. You can’t get there from here, well, if you’re like me. I forgot I had cripply legs. Now I remember, and I’ve only been here a day. But it’s been a great day so far…

Started with Holy Mass here. Then a two hour breakfast with a seminarian, a ferociously fast moving conversation about being a priest in these times. What a blessing, what an inspiration to spend time with a believer. I am heartened.

But now I have to do the long walk to the other side… A Hail Mary please for my appointment at 1:00 PM Rome time, 7:00 AM USA EST.


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16 responses to “Oh, I forgot. The Audience.

  1. Prayed the Angelus for your appointment and will keep praying Hail Marys this afternoon.

  2. nancy v

    Praying for you Father and your mission with Mary.
    (Would you please sing an Ave Maria upon entering or leaving the next church for my former pastor, Fr. Philip M. Tighe, who is in Pittsburgh receiving treatment for esophageal cancer? Yikes, I know you have a ton to do and people to pray for, but I know you’d want to pray for a brother priest)

  3. Cathy

    Hail Mary, 9 Memorares, and may St. Mother Theresa accompany you, God bless you!

  4. LUIS3845

    Will definitely do an Ave Maria for you padre. Good luck. God Bless you.

  5. Aussie Mum

    It was reported by F. Fagnani just an hour ago that an explosive dossier has been provided to the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. I instantly thought of you Father and wondered if that was the package you were delivering.

  6. Jenna Payne

    Praying for you and your mission, Father Byers. And while you’re in Rome, please say a prayer or light a candle (if you have time) for my best friend Louise. A Holy, Catholic woman who is in the hospital dying. She brought me back to the faith in 2005. Thank you, Father.

  7. Cathe D.

    I sympathize with you on your walk. God is wonderful for giving us gifts to offer up in union with His Son, Jesus. Hail Mary and prayers for you Father George. I don’t know why, but this trip sounds and feels a little different. Take care Father…your “flock” is praying for you.


  8. elizdelphi

    I sympathize with your walk because I woke up with horrible back pain and almost immobile, I get up and kiss the floor and make a morning offering and I almost could not get up. It’s gotten a little better already, I can walk a little now. When St Therese of Lisieux was in her final illness a sister found her walking painfully around the garden and pleaded with her to get back in her wheelchair. Therese just looked at her and said (paraphrasing) “I am walking for a missionary. Somewhere there is a missionary, and he is tired and hurting and would like to sit down and rest, but he has a long way yet to go to get to his mission.”

    I think we are all in suspense to know how this went. Maybe dropping off papers is not dramatic.

    I sang an Ave Maria for you!

  9. I’m praying for you, Father, and for the other people mentioned here having difficulties: Louise, and elizdelphi and Father Tighe, who has esophageal cancer. I’ll especially pray for Father Tighe – my husband died of esophageal cancer and it’s a rough journey to be on. May Father Tighe be especially blessed and comforted by Jesus.

  10. meshugunah

    Prayers said on your behalf. Angels petitioned to accompany you!

  11. Jeannie Diemer

    Offered my Mass for you today as I have been doing and will do so again tomorrow. Divine Mercy chaplet also by our group.

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