“That never happens”

Just to make things easier, entrance was made at Porta Sant’Anna. The usual permesso took seconds. This was quite unusual.

Outside again, on the other side of the post office, I took the picture above. Just then, I was intercepted by a car driven by someone from the Governatorato, or so he said. I was just going to go to the southern entrance of the Belvedere Courtyard but he zipped me over to the ramp up to the back of the Sistine Chapel. You can see that ramp entrance through the portal in the lower right of picture above. He could be sincere, of course, and could have just taken pity on my limping. It just seemed all too serendipitous. He had nice things to say about Viganò. It’s easy to say nice things, so, I said nice things. My Ooda Loop was maxing out as he passed by the drop off point and brought me around the basilica near the jail. Perhaps this was a delaying tactic to talk longer. He brought me back and dumped me off at the ramp and then sped off to the Vatican Gardens above. Finally, into the courtyard I hobbled.

I was told that this never ever never happens. Never. Only to me. Perhaps “G”, the head of security sent him. Very nice. But I think I had to walk farther by getting a ride. That’s ok. I’m not complaining. I like adventure.


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2 responses to ““That never happens”

  1. Aussie Mum

    Perhaps you are under surveillance Father. There is some disconcerting stuff online about “G’s” part in the ousting last year of the Vatican Bank’s Auditor General, Libero Milone, when he got too close to the truth.
    I hope yesterday’s appointment went well.
    I need to correct something I wrote re a dossier in a comment yesterday. Further reading reveals that Fagnani’s report wasn’t made yesterday but the day before, and it wasn’t about a dossier that had been delivered to the CDF but about a delivery thought to be pending.
    Perhaps the possibility of an explosive dossier being delivered stirred-up security a bit and they wanted a closer look at you in case you had something to do with it.

  2. nancyv

    The things we learn from you and your travels….ooda Loop! Also, have you thought about a walking stick? After all, you are a shepherd; it could also double as a defensive device. You are in our prayers!

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