A murder a day in my parish

When I was away in Rome there were three days when there were three murders in the parish, which is incomparably more violent per capita than Chicago or Baltimore. There was going to be a fourth deadly incident, this time in defense of the innocent, but that was brought to a non-violent conclusion by the next door neighbor because this is a nice neighborhood.

He and his infant daughter were out for a walk in their front yard adjoining the rectory when a guy who had just started squatting(?) in a trailer a couple of lots down, perhaps tripping out, came out and grabbed a boulder, lifted it above his head, and threatened to crush the little girl. Just that quick she was brought back to safety and the perp was now frozen in place staring down the barrel of a 45 held by the girl’s most capable father. He called for law enforcement assistance by getting hold of one of the alderman on his cellphone. Hah! Now that’s a method! Involve politics and get attention right quick. A deputy was there in seconds and the perp was brought into custody. He’s still in jail.

I be reckonin’ that the times be a changin’ for the worse.

People need the faith. They also need a good swift kick. Two years required military service for all. That would be good as well, bringing an end to entitlement to the lowest common denominator.


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4 responses to “A murder a day in my parish

  1. Now…that’s a beautiful example of fatherhood – being a protector. God bless that father, and his little daughter.

  2. Haha, I recommend the Lao preventative method: compulsory monastic service 👍

  3. Jenna Payne

    Three murders in three days?!! That’s terrible. Scary times.

  4. Wow that’s scary and I like your solution!!!

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