Florence and Francis


The 2:00 AM Monday marked with a black-circled “D” for a Tropical Cyclone having winds of less than 39 miles per hour is right over the parish in Andrews, NC. There is a threat of some flooding, though not at any of our church campuses or the rectory. There is no threat from the wind.

However, the weird thing with lots of rain and even no wind is that trees simply fall down. The root system cannot grab anything steadfast. The mountain cliffs against which the roads are forged are the super weak shale. As the trees fall in their dozens, roads are blocked throughout the mountains, and, of course, power lines are snapped in half.

What’s different about this storm is that FEMA has decided to pre-position crews to either side of Wilmington NC, so that they can get to work right away. I gotta wonder how well that will work, since the flooding is the real problem in south-eastern NC. The waters build up and recede over something like six weeks. For the first couple of weeks, if I remember rightly, the water can be so high that emergency vehicles simply can’t move. Anyway, all our emergency utility crews are moving down to the coast.

Some close friends live in Wilmington, but they have moved away from the worst areas for the next days or weeks, depending. They helped me with some communication logistics so that I could put together a certain dossier, one of the two packages to bring over to the Holy Father the other week. I’m thinking that the two packages I delivered to him backed him into a corner and lit a bit of a fire under him. I don’t mean to put pressure on him. After all I did deliver it to him, not to some newspaper or some blog.

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  1. elizdelphi

    The big thing I notice is that the “long, fruitful” conversation of Dinardo et al with Pope Francis did not yet result in announcement of an apostolic visitation, or other indication that Pope Francis has budged on wanting the US bishops to handle it themselves as a local matter. Maybe there’s some progress. I dunno yet.

    Someone posted on Fr Z’s blog the names of bishop members of the Papal Foundation,it is largely a list of the US bishops that are close Pope Francis collaborators. This makes my skin crawl, does big money fundraising really mean influence at the Vatican? What is the meaning of this?

    Donald Cardinal Wuerl
    Archbishop of Washington

    Blase Cardinal Cupich
    Archbishop of Chicago

    Daniel Cardinal DiNardo
    Archbishop of Galveston-Houston

    Timothy Cardinal Dolan
    Archbishop of New York

    Roger Cardinal Mahony
    Archbishop Emeritus of Los Angeles

    Adam Cardinal Maida
    Archbishop Emeritus of Detroit

    Theodore Cardinal McCarrick
    Archbishop Emeritus of Washington

    Sean Cardinal O’Malley
    Archbishop of Boston

    Justin Cardinal Rigali
    Archbishop Emeritus of Philadelphia

    Joseph Cardinal Tobin
    Archbishop of Newark


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