Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (For those in the storms edition… Florence and Francis)


All is calm in Andrews, NC. The above was seen on the day off. All calm. Away from the storm (although the storm of “normal” life goes on, of course). It’s not a bad thing in the world of solidarity to have thoughts and prayers for those more directly in the midst of the storms besides the “normal” storm of life. We have two major storms.

  • Pope Francis and his advisers and appointees. If the idea is that the bishops involved on the dark side are faultless and have done all things well because they were chosen by the Lord, I don’t buy it. I say “if” because Pope Francis wildly goes from saying that those who don’t report abuse are “caca” [shit: his language] to saying that those who criticize bishops are going against the Lord. What is it? Just to say, the Lord also chose Judas. Judas is in hell through his own fault. The Lord respects our free will and we can choose the wrong thing. Our Lord does not approve the wrong thing. Any bishops on the dark side because they’ve done abuse themselves, or covered up abuse, or called themselves heroes for being tough on abuse because of denying due process to priests, thus encouraging false reporting and more self-hero worship, well, they remain on the dark side regardless of whether or not they are held to be living saints no matter what they do. I am in solidarity with actual victims. This is a storm. It’s very good to be in the midst of the Holy Family, say, giving a flower to the Immaculate Conception, in the midst of such a storm. I believe that all the “brothers and sisters of Jesus” who were not provably His cousins were street kids, orphans, throw-aways, surely some of whom who had been abused. Mary knows the score on all this. She pays close attention. Hail Mary…
  • Hurricane Florence. The rain will be starting soon in Western North Carolina. It’s a sunny day today. But hundreds of people are being caught out in chest high flooding and are being rescued, we hope, as I write this. I don’t judge those who stayed when told to evacuate. Some people simply are so poor or in such bad health that they cannot travel. Period. Thoughts and prayers for them and those who care for them and for those who rescue them. Perhaps there should be a registry for those who are too poor or too sick to travel in an emergency so that they can be transported to safety before conditions are dire. Hail Mary…



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2 responses to “Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (For those in the storms edition… Florence and Francis)

  1. Cathy

    Thank you, Fr. Byers. Often, at the end of the day, my soul finds retreat in the cave at Bethlehem. Hail Mary….

  2. Cathe D.

    Concerning what is transpiring in the Church, I read, watch and pray as the state of things are being revealed and debated. I must admit that I am quite appalled at some of the answers coming from Church heirarchy. I am at the point where I don’t know who to believe anymore. It is not for me to judge but on the other hand these abuses can not be justified, belittled and ignored because of who is involved. Thank you Father George for your comments on this situation. It is comforting to know that there are still people left with good moral values and compassion for their fellow man/woman. I have always appreciated and valued your opinions. God bless you!

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